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Wireless Touch Switch (Waterproof type)

This product is a set of wireless transmitter/receiver switches to be
installed in the equipment requiring relay contact input to control motor
e.g., of automatic door.

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Additional Information

RN TS100

Model : RN-TS100 (Transmitter)
Power supply : 1.5V X 2
Rated frequency : FM 433.92MHz or 447.60MHz
Operating temp : -20℃ ~ 50℃
Distance : 10m Within
Thickness : 13mm

RN MTR2 (Receiver)

Model : RN-MTR2 (Receiver)
Power supply : AC/DC12V~30V
Relay contact capacity : AC125V/0.5A, DC30V/1A
Reception sensitivity : -107 dBm
Power consumption : 200mA Under


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