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Microwave Motion Sensor

The microwave motion sensor is installed at the automatic door
and senses the motion of a man or an object to open and close the
automatic door.

Additional Information

RN MS701 (A) RN MS361 (B)

Model : MS701 (A) / MS361 (B)
Power supply : DC12~30V, AC12~24V
Microwave module : 24.125GHz
Contact capacity : 24V/1A
Max Installation height : 3.5m
Current consumption : 150mA (DC12V, +25℃)
Max sensing distance : 4m(W)x 2m(D) (based on 2.2m of installation height)
Relay Contact capacity : 0.5A/125VAC, 1A/24VDCVDC


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